The New Meeting Place for China + US Senior Clinical Development Executives

We focus on quality of audience, not quantity and are aiming for a group of around 100 attendees for our inaugural Summit.  We believe that this is the right number to ensure that our audience is made up of mostly clinical development decision-makers from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors from the US and China.

ChinaTrials Senior Clinical Development Executives

2019 Hot Topics To Be Covered!

  • How To Successfully File IND in US (Individually or Simultaneously with China)
  • Key Considerations When Developing Your Strategy for Parallel Clinical Development for US and China
  • Navigating the US FDA: What Chinese BioPharma Must Know
  • Navigating China's Regulatory Agency (CFDA): What US BioPharma Must Know
  • Traditional vs. New Models for US BioPharma to Enter China: How Have China's ICH Entry and Recent Dramatic Regulatory Reform Changed the Game?
  • CRO & Partner Selection for Conducting Trials in the US
  • CRO Selection in China: Multinational vs. Local CRO?
  • Successful Clinical Development of Cell Therapies in China: What Unique Advantages Does China Have vs. the Rest of the World? 
  • Lessons Learned & Experience Sharing from Chinese BioPharma Who Have Received US IND Approval
  • Lessons Learned & Experience Sharing from US BioPharma Who Have Received China IND Approval
  • Key Considerations and Pathway for Importing Foreign Drugs to China
  • Bringing Innovative Therapies to Meet China's Unmet Medical Needs: What Drugs/Therapeutic Areas Have the Greatest Opportunity for Success in China?

How Will You Benefit From Attending?

Senior-Level Attendee Profile

The target audience for the inaugural ChinaTrials+US are senior clinical development executives director-level and above. Attendees will come from US BioPharmas and Chinese BioPharmas who have interest in or are currently running clinical trials in the US and China. 

Endless Networking Opportunities

Over 10 hours of dedicated networking time is directly built into the program agenda to facilitate introductions between potential new business contacts in informal settings such as luncheons, refreshment breaks and cocktail receptions.

Best Practices from the Experts

Learn from over 30 carefully selected speakers who have the most experience in running clinical trials in the US and China.  The greater majority of our speakers run the clinical development programs for the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech companies.

Presentation Topics Selected By and For Industry Executives

We spend hundreds of hours of market research, talking to hundreds of clinical development executives from both China and the US. The topics and speakers that are reflected in the final agenda are the result of this extensive research and industry executives from BioPharma companies feature most prominently on the program to share their valuable experiences and lessons learned.

Worth Your Time

In just two days, you will hear from and meet the top experts in the China and US clinical development field and you will meet and exchange ideas a good number of your peers from the BioPharma industry who have similar goals as you. The information you take away from attending the meeting will have an immediate impact on your daily business activities and help you forge a strong China+US clinical development strategy.

Conference Organizer You Can Trust

ChinaTrials+US is organized by Lychee Group, the same team that organizes ChinaTrials: Clinical Development Leaders' Summit in  Shanghai, Japan Medical Affairs Summit in Tokyo and China Medical Affairs Summit, some of which have been running successfully for over ten years now.  We also help organize most of the top global healthcare events in China that you’ve probably heard of including China Healthcare Investment Conference (CHIC), Healthcare Capital & Connections Summit (HCCS) and BioCentury's China Healthcare Summit.